Atmospheric Integrated Research at University of California, Irvine



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International Collaborators

Noted international researchers are members of our AirUCI team, including:

U.S. Collaborators

National Lab and Agency Collaborators

We collaborate closely with researchers at U.S. agencies and two U.S. National Laboratories: Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL).  Our National Lab and agency partners include:


Fulbright Scholars

Our second Fulbright Scholar, Prof. Hind al-Abadleh of Wilfrid Laurier University, joined us from December 15, 2018 through April, 2019 and conducted collaborative research projects with AirUCI groups as well as teaching an upper-level Chemistry course. Dr. Jonathan Abbatt of the University of Toronto was the inaugural Fulbright Scholar at the AirUCI Institute from January - April, 2018.  Due to COVID virus concerns, we delayed our 2020 Fulbright Scholar until 2021, when we will host two fellows that year.

Senior Science Advisor 

Dr. James N. Pitts, Jr. was an additional resource for our team from AirUCI's inception until his death on June 19, 2014 at the age of 93.  He was Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Riverside, co-founder and past director of the University of California Statewide Air Pollution Research Center, and was an AirUCI senior research chemist until the end.  He is greatly missed.    Visit the Jim Pitts memorial page
Read the Spectrum article about Jim's career

AirUCI Research Team

Much of our work is carried out by our talented research team, comprised of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  Our summer staff often includes chemistry teachers at the community college and high school levels who share with their students the latest research results from our projects.  In addition, we regularly host visiting researchers from outside institutions as we build on collaborations and conduct joint research projects.

Postdoctoral Researchers Research Specialists Ph.D. Candidates Undergraduates
Dr. Ting Fang Dr. Murat Aydin (Associate Researcher) Jonathon Babila Altay Bayrakci
Dr. Djawhar Ferrah Dr. Barbara Barletta (Assistant Specialist) Vahe Baboomian Joey Jo-Yee Cheng
Dr. Clare Flynn Mr. Zachary Cornwell (Jr. Specialist) Mooji Boldbaatar Syed Muhammad Hassan
Dr. Tommaso Galeazzo Mr. Michael Ezell (Sr. Research Specialist) Alyssa Burns Uyen Le
Dr. Chaopeng Hong Dr. Alfredo Frietes (Project Scientist) Sabrina Chee Kaden Martin
Dr. Natalia Karimova Dr. Juno Hsu (Project Scientist) Yin Ting Chiu Andre Paradise
Dr. Pascale Lakey Dr. Michael Lawler (Project Scientist) Amy Christiansen Danielle Rocco
Dr. Ying Li Dr. Shahir Masri (Research Specialist) Avery Dalton Samantha Scott
Dr. Nanna Myllys Dr. Simone Meinardi (Associate Specialist) Michelia Dam Claire Socorro-Weeks
Dr. Mica Smith Dr. Veronique Perraud (Project Scientist) Ryan Dempsey Teng (Terra) Wang
Dr. Dan Tong Dr. Isobel Simpson (Associate Specialist) Danielle Draper Jiaqi Wu
Dr. Michael von Domaros Dr. Weihong Wang (Project Scientist) Kasey Edwards  
Dr. Shupeng Zhu Dr. Lisa Wingen (Project Scientist) Madison Flesch  
    Robert Fofrich  
    Hayley Glicker  
    Shan Gu  
    Amanda Haines  
    Katherine Hopstock  
    Brian Hwang  
    Kyle Kabasares  
    Sukriti Kapur  
    Fatemah Khalaj  
    Alexandra Klodt  
    Vanessa Machuca  
    Marcus Marracci  
    Anne Mielnik  
    Julia Montoya-Aguilera  
    Fabian Muresan  
    Deanna Myers  
    John Patterson  
    Saleh Riahi  
    Johanna Rinaman  
    Andrea Rohrbacher  
    Daniel Ruiz  
    Tim Schuetz  
    Jessica Sharpe  
    Natalie Smith  
    Yi Sun  
    Adam Thomas  
    Allison Vander Wall  
    Jeremy Wakeen  
    Alexa Watson  
    Jinlai Wei  
    Cynthia Wong  

Support Staff

Melissa Sweet, AirUCI Project Coordinator

Victoria Stewart-Goss, AirUCI Administrative Assistant