ACS book features AirUCI researchers

Several current and former AirUCI researchers are among the authors and contributors to a book entitled Multiphase Environmental Chemistry in the Atmosphere, published in 2018 by the American Chemical Society as part of their ACS Symposium Series 1299.  The three editors are Dr. Sherri Hunt of the U.S. EPA (former AirUCI grad student and researcher), Dr. Alex Laskin of Purdue University (longtime AirUCI collaborator), and Dr. Sergey Nizkorodov (AirUCI co-Director).  This book is based on a selection of presentations that were given at the 2017 ACS fall meeting.
The purpose of this book series is to publish timely, comprehensive texts developed from ACS-sponsored symposia.  Our three editors make the case that creatively combining traditionally distinct fields of science in order to understand the complex atmospheric reactions and processes is the way forward in advancing research that will shed light on issues of air pollution and climate change.
The author index lists about 20 current and former members of our AirUCI team.  Several others are current and former AirUCI collaborators. The editors conspicuously credit Barbara Finlayson-Pitts for her breadth of knowledge and appreciation of the power of interdisciplinary research.
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Thursday, December 5, 2019