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AirUCI faculty debunks "chemtrails" conspiracy

Mon, 08/15/2016

AirUCI faculty Steven Davis has been widely quoted in a number of published articles that debunk the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory, which claims that governments, military agencies, airlines, and corporations worldwide are colluding to release chemicals into the atmosphere.  To believers, the chemicals being sprayed could be used to control the food supply, promote population control, or manipulate weather patterns. Some even think it is a scheme to either fight, or possibly create, climate change.  This conspiracy is debunked in a new study published in Environmental Research Letters. “We don’t imagine that we’re going to sway the beliefs of hardcore adherents to the chemtrails conspiracy theory with this study," Steven said in a statement. "But we thought it was important to go on the record with fundamental scientific facts to refute claims that the government is deliberately spreading harmful chemicals from aircraft.”
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