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Davis paper says beer to be costlier due to climate change

Mon, 10/15/2018

An article in AP News co-authored by AirUCI faculty Steve Davis has drawn national attention, stating that the increasing bouts of extreme heat waves and drought will hurt production of barley, a key beer ingredient, in the future. Losses of barley yield can be as much as 17 percent, an international group of researchers estimated. That means beer prices on average would double or more, even adjusting for inflation and that beer, along with chocolate, coffee, and wine among other items, will be scarcer and costlier in the future.  The report also appeared on the Good Morning America web site, and Steve tweeted: "Not sure what to make of the fact that in one day our paper on climate and beer has garnered considerably more attention than any of my previous work on energy transitions or even air pollution deaths."  It was even featured on the October 17th Daily Show!
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