Atmospheric Integrated Research at University of California, Irvine

Kim Fortun on KCBS-TV

Wed, 10/06/2021

On Wednesday, October 6th, AirUCI faculty Kim Fortun was interviewed on the KCBS 5:00 news hour as an expert on environmental disasters for a segment on the oil spill along the Orange County coast.  She answered questions over four minutes about both obvious and cascading damages of such events to the environment and society, how communities recover, the complications of determining responsibility for such events, as well as measures that can be taken to mitigate effects and prevent future events.  See the interview
Kim said, “This spill is happening at a time when oceans are known to be in crisis because of plastic pollution, because of warming, coastlines are under stress from rising sea levels and unregulated development, species extinctions have received lots of attention in the just last few weeks; so we need to see this spill as connecting and exacerbating that whole array of issues. … The liability issues on this case are going to be particularly complex.”