Atmospheric Integrated Research at University of California, Irvine

Lee Dinner awardees

Thu, 05/06/2021

The Edward K.C. Lee Dinner is the annual ceremony for UCI’s Department of Chemistry where numerous awards are presented.  Most years, AirUCI team members are among the recipients of these prestigious awards, and it was true again for the May 2021 virtual awards ceremony. 
AirUCI undergraduate Kimberly Zhang (Nizkorodov and Furche groups) received the 2021 Don L. Bunker Award which is given to one undergraduate student in the UCI Chemistry Department who has shown outstanding research and plans to pursue graduate work in chemistry.
Graduate student awardees of the 2021 Michael C. Gebel Award are Alexandra Klodt, Natalie Smith, and Jose Uribe.  (Alexandra and Natalie are AirUCI team members from the Nizkorodov research group.)  This award goes to graduate students working in Environmental Chemistry who have had a period of time employed outside of school before continuing on to graduate studies, and additional awards are also presented to undergraduate students in Environmental Chemistry.  Undergraduate awardees of the 2021 Michael C. Gebel Award are Zaira Barrera , Jonathan Galicia, Elliott Einstein, and Sofiya Woodcock. We congratulate all winners at the Lee Dinner from all of Chemistry!