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Tue, 10/25/2016
Danielle Draper, graduate student in AirUCI's Smith Research Group, was awarded a best poster award at the annual meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research for her poster entitled  “Observations of Particle-phase NOy and SOx Species during Nanoparticle Growth Events at CLOUD10.”  Way to go, Danielle!
Fri, 10/14/2016
AirUCI faculty Don Blake is featured in an article in the Orange County Register which acknowledges his expertise in air quality research and describes his worldwide efforts to collect and analyze air samples.  Also quoted in the article are AirUCI alumni who have studied with Don, such as Lambert Doezema, Andreas Beyersdorf, Nick Vizenor, and Aaron Katzenstein. Read the article
Tue, 10/11/2016
AirUCI faculty Michael Dennin has written a new book entitled "Divine Science: Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith" which recently won first place in the faith and science category of the 2016 Catholic Press Association Book Awards.  In the book Mike explores how the Big Bang theory, evolution, and other scientific principles can actually deepen a person’s religious faith.  Rather than view such concepts as antithetical to spirituality, believers should “embrace the sciences as another glimpse into the infinite,” he says.  Read the article
Mon, 10/03/2016
Mallory Hinks, AirUCI grad student in the Nizkorodov group, was awarded the 2016 ACS Chemistry Champions contest on August 22, 2016 during the ACS national meeting in Philadelphia.  This competition gives younger chemists an opportunity to develop and enhance their communication skills. Participants in the competition range from undergraduate students to professional scientists, from both the U.S. and abroad. The contestants submitted a two- to three-minute video of themselves describing chemistry concepts or their own research in a way that’s accessible to the general public....
Tue, 09/06/2016
AirUCI Faculty Michael Dennin was consulted by the History Channel and appeared on a program they recently aired about construction of batteries.  In his lab on March 31, 2016, Mike demonstrated the basic concepts of batteries and proceeded to build a rudimentary battery with the show's host, author and researcher David Childress. View the program clip
Mon, 08/22/2016
AirUCI Director Barbara Finlayson-Pitts has been awarded the prestigious Francis P. Garvan–John M. Olin Medal from the American Chemical Society.  This award recognizes distinguished service to chemistry by women chemists, and the medallion will be presented at the WCC luncheon held at the ACS spring 2017 national meeting.  Congratulations, Barb!
Mon, 08/15/2016
AirUCI faculty Steven Davis has been widely quoted in a number of published articles that debunk the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory, which claims that governments, military agencies, airlines, and corporations worldwide are colluding to release chemicals into the atmosphere.  To believers, the chemicals being sprayed could be used to control the food supply, promote population control, or manipulate weather patterns. Some even think it is a scheme to either fight, or possibly create, climate change.  This conspiracy is debunked in a new study published in Environmental...
Thu, 08/11/2016
AirUCI faculty Michael Kleinman will be interviewed this morning on Take Two, a public affairs program broadcast on PBS station KPPC, about an article in the Orange County Register dealing with the human costs of air pollution in Southern California.  On average, over 2,000 people per year die in our region due to poor air.  “We have more traffic; we have more cars. It’s inevitable to have more emissions and more output.  When you have more fires and they’re more intense, there’s more exposure to people throughout the South Coast Air Basin, and Orange...
Wed, 08/10/2016
AirUCI's Mallory Hinks, grad student in the Nizkorodov group, is participating in the ACS ChemChamps Competition for younger chemists to explain their research or chemistry in general to non-scientists. She has created a three-minute video describing her research and will advance in the contest based on the number of people view her video.  Lend her a hand, and click here to watch her video.   The ACS ChemChamps takes place over four rounds. Round 1: Shoot a 3 minutes video about your chemistry research or a chemistry concept (12 advance based on judging and views) Round...
Sun, 07/10/2016
AirUCI's Lisa Wingen, Veronique Perraud, and Allison Vander Wall will participate in the Tech Trek summer camp for middle school girls at UCI, organized by the American Association of University Women.  The objective of Tech Trek is to encourage girls to pursue a career in the STEM areas.