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Rufus Edwards quoted in article on rural stoves

Thu, 07/12/2018

In an article on CNBC's web site, AirUCI faculty Rufus Edwards is quoted in an article about problems associated with cooking stoves used by 3 billion impoverished people worldwide.  The dangerous smoke — from wood, dung, or charcoal — shortens the lives of these populations, especially the women and children nearest the hearths.  In addition, the smoke is a significant source of air pollution, while cutting down trees diminishes forests, one of nature’s carbon-absorbing bulwarks against greenhouse gases.   Projects backed by governments, corporations, and philanthropic groups and individuals have been launched to replace these stoves, with limited success and with exaggerated reporting, but actual adoption and usage of the stoves was far lower than predicted while emissions standards were compromised.  “Health-based discussions have to be based on peer-reviewed science,” said Rufus, who has extensively assessed the health and climate impacts of stoves, including in studies for the EPA. “If it’s a political standard, so be it, but don’t call it healthy.”   Read the article