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Thu, 10/19/2017
The American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) has awarded the Benjamin Y. H. Liu Award for 2017 to AirUCI faculty James N. Smith.  This award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol instrumentation and experimental techniques that have significantly advanced the science and technology of aerosols.  Congratulations, Jim!
Thu, 10/12/2017
An article on BuzzFeed quotes AirUCI faculty Ralph Delfino about the effects of smoke from the numerous wildfires burning in the Bay Area.  While the effects of short-term exposure to the smoke and ash from these fires is unclear, Ralph's work after previous fires has shown that the unhealthful air quality they produced caused measurable spikes in lung disease.  Read the article
Sat, 09/23/2017
AirUCI faculty Jack Brouwer was cited in an article published on September 23, 2017 in the Orange County Register.  The article discussed the possibilities for accelerating California's goals to decarbonize the state’s power grid, with the requirement that the state reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.  Under a bill focused on decarbonizing the electric grid, homes could move more toward electrifying appliances which could be a significant lifestyle shift for some Californians, Brouwer said.   Read the article
Tue, 09/19/2017
AirUCI Faculty Steve Davis is quoted in an article in Thompson Reuters describing the increasing risk of deaths due to a warming planet.    "The best way to mitigate (heat deaths) is to get electricity to run fans or air conditioning," Steve says as one of the authors of a 2017 report that predicted a growing risk of widespread deaths during Indian heatwaves.  Global efforts, including as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, to bring power to those without it could play a significant role in reducing heat deaths, experts say.  But if action to curb climate...
Thu, 09/07/2017
Mike Dennin, one of our AirUCI faculty as well as UCI Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and Dean of Undergraduate Education, is quoted on in an article entitled 10 Things You Believe That Are Holding You Back From Success (and What to Do Instead).  He recommends admitting mistakes and allowing others to see you correct them and move forward rather than deflecting blame.    "Leadership requires appropriate ownership of errors and then moving forward from them. When you take responsibility for your actions, others will turn to you as someone who won't...
Mon, 08/14/2017
AirUCI faculty Steven Davis is among the awardees of UCI's 2016-17 Research Seed Funding Program Investing to Develop Center-Scale Multidisciplinary Convergence Research Programs.  He and his UCI collaborators received seed money to study sustainable water and ecosystem management in the Southwestern U.S. by increasing the accuracy and reliability of sub-seasonal to seasonal precipitation forecasts.  It is anticipated this award will prepare the PIs and their teams for successful submission and funding of large center-scale research projects at UCI.   View the Awards page...
Thu, 08/10/2017
 The American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) has presented AirUCI faculty Jim Smith with the 2017 Benjamin Y. H. Liu Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol instrumentation and experimental techniques that have significantly advanced the science and technology of aerosols.  Way to go, Jim!
Thu, 08/03/2017
Barbara Finlayson-Pitts has received the 2018 Polanyi Medal from the British Royal Society of Chemistry.  She will also give the associated Michael Polanyi Lecture at the 25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena to be held in Lille, France from July 22 – 26, 2018. 
Mon, 07/17/2017
AirUCI faculty Craig Murray welcomes high school teachers Larry Sepulveda (Rosemead High School) and Linda Kazibwe-James (Whittier Christian School) to his research group for four weeks this summer. Larry and Linda are participating in the NSF-funded ‘Teacher in Residence’ outreach program and will be working with his research team in the lab. The program aims to provide high school teachers with hands-on experience of life in a research laboratory.
Mon, 07/10/2017
AirUCI Project Scientists Lisa Wingen and Veronique Perraud, along with Finlayson-Pitts group grad student Allison Vander Wall, are participating in this year's AAUW-California Tech Trek week, being held on the UCI campus.   Since their founding in 1881, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been among the nation’s leading voices in promoting equity and education for women and girls.  Since 1998, AAUW Tech Trek camps have been designed to help girls continue their interests in science, math, engineering and technology (STEM) exploration and learning....