Atmospheric Integrated Research at University of California, Irvine

Past Events

Below is a list of past events related to AirUCI (sorted with the most recent first).


Tue, 06/16/2015
On Tuesday, June 16th, AirUCI will host Dr. Ehud Tsivion of the Head-Gordon group at UC Berkeley in a lecture at noon in Rowland Hall 390.  His talk is entitled, "Modifying MOFs (Metal-organic frameworks) for high density storage of gaseous fuels."
Mon, 05/18/2015
On Monday, May 18th 2015, AirUCI will once again sponsor the High School Awards Dinner on campus for the Orange County chapter of the American Chemical Society.  Scores of students are honored at this annual event, and we wish them the best as they continue their studies.
Wed, 05/06/2015
AirUCI will host the National Research Council’s Committee on The Future of Atmospheric Chemistry Research as they invite input from the atmospheric chemistry research community—including scientists, students, and postdocs from academia, government, and the private sector—on topics such as: Key scientific questions that will drive fundamental atmospheric chemistry science over the next decade Important societal and interdisciplinary science challenges affected by and affecting atmospheric chemistry science Current and future infrastructure or community capabilities...
Fri, 05/01/2015
On May 1st at 11 am in Rowland Hall room 390, AirUCI will host a talk by Professor Yoshizumi Kajii of Kyoto University.  The title of the lecture is:  “OH Reactivity Measurements Under Several Environments and Unknown Reactive Species in Air”.
Fri, 04/03/2015
Several AirUCI researchers attended the 32nd annual International Symposium for Kinetics and Photochemical Processes in the Atmosphere (ISKPPA) which was held at CSU Northridge on April 3rd, 2015.  Our group gave talks at the symposium and presented posters illustrating our research.
Tue, 03/31/2015
AirUCI will host Dr. Matt Coggon of the Seinfeld group at Caltech in a talk entitled "Laboratory Observations of Heterogeneous Aerosol Processes" on March 30, 2015 at noon in RH 390.
Mon, 03/23/2015 - Thu, 03/26/2015
AirUCI’s partner institute, the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP), is hosting two back-to-back conferences this month: ICEPAG 2015 – The Clean Energy Conference: March 23 and 24, 2015: Focused on clean energy systems covering the topics of: Sustainable Power Generation, Energy Utilization, and Grid Ramifications in two tracks: Clean Generation and Clean Utilization. Microgrid Global Summit 2015: March 25 and 26, 2015: Brings together global experts from Industry, Government, and Academia to examine issues and share critical, cutting-edge...
Wed, 02/11/2015
On February 11, 2015 AirUCI will host a lecture by Prof. Mary Shultz of Tufts University entitled "Collective Modes and Growth at the Single Crystal Ice Surface."  The talk will be held at noon in Rowland Hall 390.
Mon, 02/09/2015
On February 9th, Dr. Xiao-Xing Yu of Pacific Northwest National Lab will present a talk entitled "In situ probing of environmental liquid surfaces and interfaces using microfluidics: Toward multimodal and mesoscale imaging."  The talk will be held at noon in Rowland Hall room 390.
Mon, 01/26/2015
Dr. Daniel Knopf of SUNY Stony Brook will give a lecture entitled "The Role of Phase State and Interface in Ice Nucleation and Multiphase Chemical Kinetics" at noon on January 26, 2015 in Natural Sciences 2 room 1201.