Ulrike Luderer

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Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
856 Health Sciences Rd (Quad) Suite 3200
Irvine, CA 92697-1830

Public Health site: https://publichealth.uci.edu/faculty/luderer-ulrike/

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(949) 824-8081

Professor, UCI Program in Public Health, Dept of Environmental and Occupational Health (Ph.D. in Neurobiology & Physiology 1991 and M.D. 1992, Northwestern University)

Dr. Luderer has a joint appointment at UCI in the School of Medicine (Dept of Medicine) and School of Biological Sciences (Developmental & Cell Biology).  She is Director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. 

Her research focuses on reproductive toxicology and developmental toxicology, with a particular focus on ovarian health and with the aim of elucidating the mechanisms by which environmental and occupational exposures disrupt reproductive function and development of the reproductive system.  This work focuses on toxicants and ionizing radiation and how they disrupt reproductive function.  By exploring the effects of particular environmental pollutants on ovarian function and overall reproductive health, she hopes to uncover protective mechanisms that could be targeted to protect ovarian function.  Recent and ongoing studies have included investigations into the effects of fine particulate matter air pollution (PM2.5) and brake wear particulate matter on ovarian function.

Research Interests: 

Reproductive toxicology, developmental toxicology

Selected Honors and Awards: 
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 1996-present
Society of Toxicology, 1996-present, full member since 2000
Endocrine Society, member since 2001
Society for the Study of Reproduction, 1987, full member since 2003
Jean Spencer Felton Award for Excellence in Scientific Writing, Western Occupational & Environmental Medicine Association, 2017