At AirUCI we collaborate with leading scientists around the world to conduct fundamental research that will help solve critical issues we face in air pollution, water quality, climate change, health, and green technology.  Our research is organized around the following four main areas:

AirUCI works closely with leading American institutions (e.g., U.S.National Laboratories), agencies (e.g. NOAA, NASA, EPA, NIH, DOE), as well as researchers at universities across the U.S.  We also collaborate with international scientists (e.g., at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel; Fudan University in China; Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada; the Helmholtz-Zentrum/BESSY Institute in Berlin, and others), thus enhancing the impact of our research findings and greatly multiplying their benefits for the public.

We make our findings available to lawmakers and agencies such as the California Air Resources Board, the Air Quality Management District, and the California State Environmental Protection Agency.  In doing so, policy-makers can base their decisions about health and environmental issues on the latest findings.

Simulations of Air / Water Pollution and Climate

This area of research encompasses mathematical modeling of climate and air pollution dynamics, atmospheric and computational sciences, composition, and ozone depletion.

The following professors perform this research: Claudia Czimczik, Donald Dabdub, Celia Faiola, Michael J. Prather, and James Randerson.


Chemistry, Processes, and Measurements

The AirUCI team investigates a broad spectrum of chemical problems ranging from:  atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemistry, biophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, condensed matter and surface science, inhalation toxicology, physical chemistry, and water treatment.

The following professors conduct this research: Donald R. Blake, Annmarie Carlton, Steven J. Davis, Michael B. DenninBarbara J. Finlayson-PittsFilipp U. FurcheR. Benny Gerber, Alex B. Guenther, John C. Hemminger, Saewung Kim, Craig Murray, Sergey Nizkorodov, Eric S. Saltzman, Manabu Shiraiwa, James N. Smith, and Douglas C. Tobias.

Energy Sources and Pollutant Emissions

This area of research focuses on energy generation—from fossil fuel combustion to advanced fuel cell technology—and its impacts on the environment.

The following professors perform research in this area: Donald R. Blake, Jack Brouwer,  Donald Dabdub, G. Scott Samuelsen, and Vojislav Stamenkovic.


Health Effects

This research area covers air pollution health effects and environmental epidemiology, analysis of trace gases in exhaled breath, gene-environment interactions, aerosol medicine, inhalation toxicology, pulmonary anatomy, research ethics, and bioterror aerosols.

The following professors conduct this research: Donald R. Blake, Rufus Edwards, Kim Fortun, Michael Fortun, Michael T. Kleinman, Ulrike Luderer, and Jun Wu.