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Coming Soon... the AirUCI ZotFunder Project!

We've had many requests through the years from regular folks for opportunities to provide support for AirUCI's research, outreach, and mission. And now, that opportunity is at hand!  We are in the process of launching a new ZotFunder project that makes it easy to contribute as little or as much as you like.  The funds will be directed toward specific projects and, once the fundraising goal has been met, any additional donations will go into a new fund to support the research of our amazing grad students—for example, providing the means for them to attend major scientific conferences to present their studies.

Look for more information coming soon!  In the meantime, questions may be sent to us at

  Donors and Major Support

Are you concerned about the health of our planet?  Have you been inspired by our work and moved to support our efforts?  Are you looking to make a donation that will work to solve environmental issues and health concerns?  Scroll down a bit to see how you can become a Supporter and help us grow AirUCI!

  Workshops & Lectures

Throughout the year AirUCI sponsors lectures by some of the leading researchers in the fields of Atmospheric Chemistry, Earth Systems Science, Environmental Engineering, Health Effects of Pollution, and more..  In addition, each year we conduct workshops that bring together many of these eminent researchers where the latest findings are shared and discussed.

Check our Events page for the schedule of upcoming workshops, lectures, lab tours, and other AirUCI events.

  Summer Research

If you are a community college instructor in Chemistry, Ecology, or related subjects, you may apply for a summer research post with AirUCI.  Our summer positions can last from 2 to 10 weeks and involve experimental, theoretical, or modeling research in our labs at UCI.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in our workshops and attend lectures given by leading researchers in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry.

For more information or to apply, please contact Melissa Sweet at (949) 824-2628.

  Postdoctoral Researcher Positions

Would you like to join our AirUCI team?  We often have openings for postdoctoral researchers under each of our PIs.  We encourage you to explore the work of the individual PIs on our People page and submit a cover letter and CV to the professor whose team you might like to join.  You can also send them to Melissa Sweet at the address on our Contact Us page.

  Become a Supporter of AirUCI

Are you concerned about the health of our planet?  Are you looking to make a donation that will work to solve environmental issues and health concerns?  Our vision is to grow AirUCI as we address key problems, including:

  • air pollution and its control
  • societal adaptation and sustainability
  • effects of pollution on human health
  • advances in energy development
  • applications of these to climate change

AirUCI has a proven track record in these critical areas and has contributed enormously to global research in these fields... and we are seeking support in our efforts to grow.  AirUCI’s reputation as a leading institute in the field of atmospheric chemistry and other ecology-related disciplines enhances the scientific prestige of the UC Irvine community, Orange County, the state of California, and our nation.

You can assist with an endowment, state-of-the-art instrumentation housed in an appropriate facility, and other support that will directly work to solve the environmental and health crises we face.  For more information, contact Melissa Sweet at 949-824-2628.

  Contribute to a Tax-Deductible Memorial Fund to Assist Young Researchers

You can give much-needed support to young researchers by donating to these tax-deductible funds established in memory of three beloved AirUCI team members, Dr. Jim Pitts, Dr. Martina Roeselova, and Dr. Michael Gebel, all of whom made vital contributions to the study of air quality world wide.

James N. Pitts, Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
The James N. Pitts, Jr. Undergraduate Scholarship Fund provides support to undergraduate students studying the sciences.  Jim was exceptionally supportive of young scientists and provided encouragement to them throughout his career.  Memorial donations can be made at: and checks can be made payable to The UCI Foundation and sent to:

Cynthia Dennis
UCI Department of Chemistry
(949) 824-6089

Martina Roeselova Memorial Fellowship

The Martina Roeselova Memorial Fellowship provides support to young scientists (at the PhD, graduate student, or postdoctoral level) who are at the same time caring for a small child.  We remember Martina's hard work as a student, researcher, and mother and how she excelled at all three endeavors, and this fund will bring some welcome relief to scientist fathers and mothers who are juggling many responsibilities. You can learn more about Martina and contribute to this important effort by visiting the officially registered non-profit foundation called "Nadacni fond Martiny Roeselove" at or you can make a contribution directly at

UPDATE: as of August 2022, Martina's Fellowship obtained ongoing funds.  Here is the message from AirUCI collaborator Pavel Jungwirth:

Usually this time of the year i would be asking for your donations for the Martina Roeselova Memorial Fellowships. Not any more - via a new foundation (see;!!CzAuKJ42GuquVTTmVmPViYEvSg!PrEGSBJNuXET05_peZzpVmXj3WmchNsTTOboCzX8slRZSK4L3Fz-k4FbgGJ1zaMuyRPdcGOSH37too6HKG_5LLqbgWqTKA$  ) backed fully by our Institute we managed to get a long term commitment to fund at least 5 fellowships per year (with the stipends increased by 25%). This is more than we had so far, so I decided rather than to ask for your contributions to inform you about this good news and thank you at this point for all your past contributions - thank you so much!!!

Michael E. Gebel Award
The Gebel Award is presented each year at the Chemistry Department's Lee Dinner, usually held in May.  Mike was a graduate student in the Finlayson-Pitts group who earned his Ph.D and went on to a Division Manager position with the California Air Resources Board in El Monte.  This award goes to graduate students working in Environmental Chemistry who have had a period of time employed outside of school before continuing on to graduate studies.  Additional awards are also presented to undergraduate students in Environmental Chemistry.

If you'd like to contribute to this prestigious award, please contact:

Cynthia Dennis
UCI Department of Chemistry
(949) 824-6089

Alternatively, you can donate online at UCI's e-giving page.  Select "Physical Sciences" from the Area of Support drop-down box, then select "Michael E. Gebel Memorial fund" from the Gift Designation list.  Complete the online donation form, as directed.