ACS symposium honors Benny Gerber

At the 247th American Chemical Society national meeting in Dallas, Texas, AirUCI PI Benny Gerber was honored with a three-day symposium beginning March 16th entitled "A Little Insight Goes a Long Way: A Transformative Role of Theory in Spectroscopy and Chemical Dynamics."  The focus of the symposium was on the theories and computational approaches connecting experimental observations to the underlying interactions between atoms and molecules developed by Prof. Gerber and his colleagues, collaborators, students, and postdocs.

Several AirUCI researchers and collaborators spoke over the three days, including Doug Tobias, Barbara Finlayson-Pitts, Sergey Nizkorodov, Mychel Varner, and Benny himself (of AirUCI) along with our collaborators Pavel Jungwirth, Martina Roeselova, and Sotiris Xantheas.  View the program

Sunday, March 16, 2014