AirUCI team members win awards at Lee Dinner

Five AirUCI researchers were honored with awards at the annual Lee Dinner on May 29, 2014, hosted by the Department of Chemistry.  Matt Dawson of the Finlayson-Pitts research group received the Lee Award, while Kristine Arquero in the F-P group and Sandra Blair of the Nizkorodov group were presented with two of the three Gebel Awards for graduate students along with Lindsay Reinstatler (of the Heyduk group in the Chemistry department).  The Gebel Award for undergraduate students was presented to Nujhat Ali and Mariyah Saiduddin of AirUCI's Nizkorodov group.
AirUCI Project Coordinator Melissa Sweet received the Chemistry staff award along with AirUCI collaborator John Greaves and Tenley Dunn (of the Chemistry department). Congratulations to all!

Thursday, May 29, 2014