Blake quoted in USA Today article

AirUCI faculty Don Blake is quoted in a USA Today article on the oil spill off Orange County beaches.  While some official agencies were informed of the spill late Friday night, no public announcement was made even though it was a warm weekend with a popular air show taking place in Huntington Beach that attracted 1.5 million spectators to the shore.  There was some risk to the public, as crude oil contains several toxic and carcinogenic pollutants that rapidly vaporize when spilled, including benzene, toluene, and xylenes. While the most dangerous spot is at the site of the bubbling rupture, the gases can be carried for miles in the air.
When asked to comment on the delay in reporting the spill, Don said, "It would have made more sense to at least report it publicly and then let people decide if they wanted to go to the beach, and possibly be exposed at the air show."  Read the article

Monday, October 4, 2021