Brouwer quoted in NY Times article on hydrogen

An August 11, 2021 New York Times article discusses a new peer-reviewed study that casts doubt on the use of hydrogen as a clean source of energy.  Most (blue) hydrogen used today is extracted from natural gas in a process that requires a lot of energy, emits vast amounts of CO2 and also releases methane. In fact, the energy used to make hydrogen usable as a sustainable fuel emits more across its entire supply chain than simply burning natural gas, according to the study.
Jack says that, "... green hydrogen would ultimately need to be made using renewable energy, which... would eliminate the fossil and the methane leaks."  He also noted that blue hydrogen, made from fossil fuels, could still act as a transition fuel but would ultimately be "a small contributor to the overall sustainable hydrogen economy. First we use blue, then we make it all green."   Read the article

Thursday, August 12, 2021