Davis pens NY Times opinion piece

AirUCI faculty Steve Davis has written, along with three other environmental experts, an opinion piece for this week's Sunday edition of the New York Times.  The article stresses the importance of acting on steps we can take right now using today's technologies to begin reversing the rate of carbon, methane, and other emissions that cause climate change.   We don't need to waste precious time debating details, such as just how much carbon reduction is needed to offset particular events.  We know conclusively that we need to reduce these greenhouse gases, no matter what the final measurements may be.  "The next steps are clearer and more affordable than they have ever been.  Rather than getting distracted by distant and likely irreducible uncertainties, let’s focus on what matters: deploying clean technologies we know we need, implementing a coherent climate policy, laying the groundwork for future progress, and creating a just transition that shares the benefits of a sustainable energy system.” 
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Sunday, April 10, 2022