Kleinman quoted in vinyl chloride article

AirUCI faculty Michael Kleinman was selected by the Associated Press as an expert who could comment on a controversy surrounding an updated CDC draft and whether it includes information about the effects of vinyl chloride on children.  A draft of the chemical's toxicological profile was released in early February 2023 replacing the 2006 information, but social media baselessly asserted that they removed the section on children which they viewed as suspicious timing.with the toxic train derailment in Paradise, Ohio on February 3rd.  However, experts assess that while the new report has been significantly reformatted — with some chapters and subsections changed — both documents contain the same information about children, drinking water, and cancer, even if not in the same places. “The new version sort of is a much more tightly summarized exposition, but I didn’t see them leaving out any specific studies,” said Mike.  Read the article

Thursday, February 23, 2023