Samuelsen, Stamenkovic lead next-gen traffic study

AirUCI faculty Scott Samuelsen is the principal investigator in a new traffic study in which 25 intersections in the city of Irvine, including 9 on the UCI campus, are being equipped with next-generation traffic sensors designed to collect data in real time.  This project is also a major achievement for the new HORIBA Institute, with AirUCI faculty Vojislave Stamenkovic as its director.  The information collected in the study is used to implement instant adjustments to the flow of traffic.  "The advanced sensors will be able to detect the traffic flow then respond by adjusting the length of time a traffic light stays red, green, or yellow.  Information on what’s going on in the intersections, how many pedestrians, how many motorcyclists, how many bicyclists, (will reveal) how we can better establish traffic signal control to make it much more user friendly,” Scott says.  Details     Read the article

Wednesday, September 1, 2021