Wu quoted in article on fireworks and air quality

AirUCI faculty Jun Wu is quoted in a July 3rd Washington Post article about fireworks and air quality.  Much of the pollution from fireworks comes from those ignited in people’s backyards or on streets, not necessarily from grand public displays, says Jun. In a 2021 study, Jun and her colleagues found that California communities with policies restricting street-level fireworks saw noticeably less pollution compared to those that didn’t.  Her research also suggests that the variable policies mean fireworks pollution doesn’t affect communities equally.  In a study published this year, Jun found that communities with higher proportions of Hispanic residents were exposed to greater particulate pollution than other communities. “I think people need to be aware that there’s a cost associated with firework burning, not just money, but also the health-related costs and the cost to the environment,” said Jun.  Read the article

Monday, July 3, 2023